Livy Coffee Turkish Coffee 500 Gr

Livy Coffee Turkish Coffee 500 Gr

Marka: Livy Coffee

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Made in Turkiye
Şimdi sipariş verirseniz içerisinde kargoda.
Sepete Ekle
Satın Al

Livy Coffee Turkish Coffee is a 500 gram product filled with flavor that fits into a cup. Produced with inspiration from the deep-rooted Turkish coffee culture, this coffee leaves a delicious taste on the palate and ensures that every moment is enjoyable with its aroma. The best quality coffee beans, carefully selected, are ground with meticulous workmanship, dried in the sun, and then presented to the consumer fresh and delicious with a special packaging method. In this way, it provides a delicious Turkish coffee experience without losing its unique aroma with each consumption. The unique taste and aroma of Livy Coffee Turkish Coffee has quickly become a favorite of coffee enthusiasts. Thanks to the caffeine it contains, it helps you start the day energetically and also helps increase your attention and concentration. Livy Coffee Turkish Coffee, which offers long-term use with its 500 gram package design, also stands out as a product that you can offer to your guests. At the same time, Turkish coffee has a foamy structure, which is an indispensable taste, making drinking coffee more enjoyable. In addition to traditional Turkish coffee, you can easily and deliciously make coffee at home with Livy Coffee, which is brewed in the recommended quantities suitable for Turkish coffee. Since the product does not contain any additives, it is a natural and healthy drink. Livy Coffee Turkish Coffee offers a delicious Turkish coffee experience thanks to its selection of quality beans, careful workmanship and special packaging method. To give yourself or your loved ones a pleasant beverage experience, you can choose Livy Coffee Turkish Coffee.

Ürün Fiyatı : 150.00 Dolar
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